Protection for your Entire Workforce

Protect your workforce with DataSeals Tier 1 Agency plan built for those who hold public-facing roles and whose safety demands that their personal data remain secure.

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How Does it Work?

Provide an employee list.

Once DataSeal receives a complete list of employees and their information, we will enter them into our system. Employee lists should be in .csv format.

Employees receive a DataSeal account.

Once in our system, everyone in your agency will have their own privacy dashboard where they can view their opt-out status across all sites.

Opt-out Process for employees begin.

The data removal process will begin as soon as the employee account is created. Progress will display real time on the employee dashboard.

Who Needs Agency Data Protection?

Regardless what industry you are in, protecting your personal data is always important. However, careers in certain industries can be far more hazardous than other, with relation to online privacy.

Law Enforcement Agencies

Members of law enforcement agencies deal with criminals on a daily basis, and some of those individuals are known to hold grudges. Because of this, having their Personally Identifiable Information widely available on the internet is a serious liability, as it can put them and their families at risk if a criminal decides they want revenge.

Law Practices & Attorneys

Law practitioners and attorneys play a large role in the future of many individuals, including those sentenced to time on house arrest, doing community service, or at worse, serving time in prison/jail. By having their Personally Identifiable Information readily available to the public, these law practitioners and attorneys put themselves at risk of retaliation.

Government Entities

Government entities deal with the creation, implementation, and management of the law, which can be extremely divisive in our current society. For individuals tied to these government entities, having their Personally Identifiable Information available on the internet allows extremists to easily find and harass them if a decision does not go in their favor.

What data is at risk?

These are just some of the types of data being collected and sold without your knowledge on a daily basis.

Financial Data

Includes annual income, credit score, loan status, property value, job history and detail on ownership of stocks and bonds.

Demographic Data

Includes socio-economic data such as age, height, weight, race, gender, marital status, household size, and education.

Legal Data

Includes court cases, legal troubles, traffic violations, convictions, arrests, and public records, among other things.

Personal Data

Includes identifying data such as name, date of birth, address, phone numbers, email addresses, and even SSN’s.