Why Does DataSeal Ask For My Information?

Cory Eckley
February 17, 2022

DataSeal, like other privacy services, requires a certain amount of user information upfront before we can run your free privacy scan. As a privacy service, we assure you that your data will not be used outside of what we require to perform your scan, but some people want a deeper explanation regarding the specifics (and rightfully so).

In this article we’ll be discussing why DataSeal needs specific pieces of identifying information, what we do with that information afterwards, and how this affects you, the consumer.

Why We Ask For It

DataSeal prides ourselves on our commitment to your privacy, therefore we refuse to track the IP addresses of our users to gather data. Other privacy companies don’t have this same level of commitment, blatantly tracking your IP to gather all sorts of user information, such as your physical location.

Because of this, DataSeal may ask you for the following information throughout your privacy scan: email address, name, street address, phone number, and age. Each piece of information helps filter out unwanted results from your scan, ensuring that your scan is specific to you—not someone with the same name, address, or age.

The Process

Leading up to our launch, the DataSeal team had long debates regarding what piece(s) of information we should ask for before the running the initial scan. After lengthy conversations, we finally decided the best course of action would be to ask for only an email address to begin the process, as we believe that email addresses are the least invasive piece of identifying information.

From then on, we may ask you to provide or confirm your name, address, phone number, or age during the scanning process, as it is imperative that our system correctly identifies who you are before showing or removing any information.

Once your scan is complete, your data is essentially removed from our system, preventing any of the DataSeal team members from ever having direct access to it—and this happens regardless of whether or not you sign up for our service. The only exception to this is your account information (if you made an account with us), which will contain your name and email address.

If you do proceed to purchase our service, we will need your payment information to process the transaction; however your payment information is secured via Stripe (our payment provider), like most businesses. We do not need or use your payment information to perform our scan, and will only ask for your info during the checkout process.

How this Affects Our Customers

Outside of your account information (name and email address), DataSeal does not have access to any of your other personal information. We do use the email address to send out our Data Breach Alerts, however this is something you can easily unsubscribe from if you so choose.

Most importantly, none of your information will ever be sold or provided to data companies via DataSeal. We pride ourselves on our commitment to consumer privacy, therefore we refuse to take part in anything that may violate this belief.  

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