ID True OptOut Guide - Updated 2022

ID True is a people search site claiming to offer background check services, however they (much like almost every other similar website) are not a "consumer reporting agency" as defined in the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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Automated Opt Out of

Looking to avoid the tedious task of data optout? The simplest way to optout of ID True is to subscribe to DataSeal’s monthly optout service, where we automatically opt you out of the most notorious data brokers and people search sites on the internet. Our service operates monthly, ensuring that your data stays removed even if these sites illegally upload your data after your initial opt out.

Manual Opt Out of

1.    Go to

2.    Enter your information in the provided text boxes, confirm you are not a robot via the CAPTCHA, and click "Remove".

3.    Find the record that contains your personal information. Note that there may be multiple people with the same name, so make sure to check the location, age, and possible relatives. Then click "This Is Me".

4.    Confirm the information belongs to you (or whoever you want to opt out), then enter your email and confirm you are not a robot once again. Once done, click "Request Opt Out".

5.    You should receive a message informing you that an email has been sent to your inbox.

6.    Find the email in your inbox and double check the information presented is what you want removed. Once you confirm this, click the link they provided.

7.    You should be redirected to a confirmation page informing you that your opt out request has been processed.