CocoFinder Opt Out Guide (2022)

CocoFinder is a well known people search site that stores information ranging from phone numbers and street addresses to mug shots and divorce records.

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Get Started

Removing your information from

1. Go to CocoFinder's homepage and start a search for your information.

2. Find the record containing the personal information you want to optout and click "Check Details".

3. Copy the URL of the page with your information, as you will need this to identity your record. It should look similar to the image below.

4. Then, go to CocoFinder's optout page here and click the "filing out this form" hyperlink.

5. Fill out the provided form, making sure the information you provide matches the information on the record you wish to remove. This is where you will need to paste the URL you copied on step 3.

Once you submit the form, you should see a message informing you that your opt out request is being processed.