What Sites Do We Currently Cover?

Below are all the sites that DataSeal currently covers. Any sites found on this page will be included in our bulk data opt-out, and your personal information will be removed on a monthly basis.

Whitepages (Coming Soon)

With millions of people visiting their website every week, Whitepages is by far the biggest people search site in the industry. Removing yourself from Whitepages should be the first step in any DIY opt-out attempt.


Another commonly used people search site, AnyWho boasts accurate information on names, phone numbers, addresses, and emails. Although they may not be the most popular, their website still sees a significant amount of traffic every month.

Archives (Coming Soon)

Archives is a Genealogy type search site, meaning their database contains information surrounding your family history. This can include criminal history, newspaper articles, and any photograph you or your family is in.


Along with name, phone number, email address, street address, and age, Nuwber can also provide police records, past lawsuits, and property information about you and your family.

Address Search

Specializing in both street addresses and email addresses, addresssearch.com has access to more than 100 million address records.

People Smart

PeopleSmart is a data broker specializing in the business space, and can sell its users your company name, job title, name, email, phone number, and LinkedIn profile info.

People Search Now

A free people search website with access to records containing name, phone numbers, email addresses, mailing addresses, age, and gender.


FastPeopleSearch is one of the most popular free people search sites, as it has extensive information about current and past aliases, addresses, and phone numbers. Their records can also include information about close relatives and family members.


VoterRecords is a search site strictly containing information about your voter records. They compile demographic data based on these records, which means they have access to your political beliefs.


Similar to FastPeopleSearch, TruePeopleSearch is a popular search site containing large amount of current and past identifying information. They also provide links to other people search sites for other types of information.


One of the largest paid people search entities, Intelius data is highly accurate and often includes data points on consumers that is more advanced than other, lesser people search sites.

US Phone Book

USPhoneBook is one of the largest free people search sites, as they appear at the top of most Google searches for phone number related keywords. They keep their information updated, so USPhoneBook has access to your most recent personal data.

MyLife (Coming Soon)

MyLife compiles a comprehensive background of every single person in their database in order to give them a “reputation score”. MyLife emphasizes wrongdoings in their reputation score, so people can easily see any past mistake you may have committed.


Another popular paid people search, BeenVerified maintains highly accurate information including identifying information such as name, phone number, email address, as more sensitive information such as financial, health, behavioral, and legal data.

Yellow Pages

YellowPages is a telephone directory for strictly for businesses. This means that your business information can be compromised because of YellowPages.

US Search

USSearch is a public record search site which provides criminal records, property records, identifying data (email, phone, address), and social media accounts.


Spokeo is another massive paid people search website, boasting billions of records covering a wide variety of data. These include property records, historical records, business records, consumer records, and court records.

Zaba Search

A fairly well-known free people search site, ZabaSearch provides name, phone number, email address, street address, age, and more depending on the specific record.


IDTrue functions as a background check service, offering information ranging from standard phone number/address to marriage records and criminal history.


ClustrMaps is a public record encyclopedia that supports people searches, address searches, and company searches. Their records contain personal information, contact information, social media information, family data, property data, and criminal history.


InstantCheckmate is a fairly popular search site focusing on comprehensive background checks. These background checks provide records containing both personal and identifying information, as well as criminal and family history.

192.com (Coming Soon)

192.com is a predominantly UK search site with data ranging from your typical name and address records to more sensitive information such as aerial photos and family records.

People Looker

One of the top people search sites on the internet, PeopleLooker provides detailed information for anyone looking to find a person's name, address, phone number, email address, social media account or other pertinent data.


Another heavy weight in the industry, PeopleFinders is a paid people search website that provides their users personal information such as name, address, phone number, relatives, aliases, age/birthday, property records, financial data, and criminal history.

People Finder

PeopleFinder is a paid people search site powered by Intelius, meaning the hyper accurate data Intelius has on you is the same data PeopleFinder will provide its users.

Online Searches

OnlineSearches is a public record search site powered by Intelius. This partnership allows them to utilize the extremely invasive data provided by Intelius in their search results.

Advanced People Search

AdvancedPeopleSearch is an advanced people search site who partnered with PeopleFinders to provide their users the following data: name, address, phone number, relatives, aliases, age/birthday, property records, financial data, and criminal history.


PrivateEye is a people search site who partnered with PeopleFinders to provide their users the following data: name, address, phone number, relatives, aliases, age/birthday, property records, financial data, and criminal history.

Public Records Now

PublicRecordsNow is a public record search site who partnered with PeopleFinders to provide their users the following data: name, address, phone number, relatives, aliases, age/birthday, property records, financial data, and criminal history.

All Exposed

AllExposed offers both typical search data such as name, phone number, address, and emails, however they also provide creepier search results such as dating profiles, romantic interests, and satellite images of their most recent known residency.

All People

AllPeople is a free business search directory that allows its users to access company information such as business emails and industry contacts. You can also use their site to run a comprehensive background check powered by BeenVerified data.

Truth Finder

TruthFinder is another industry giant in the paid search space, frequently appearing for high volume searches through Google Ads. The information they provide includes family records, age/birthday, property records, financial data, criminal history, and employment.

Call Truth (Coming Soon)

CallTruth uses the same data as AllExposed, offering both typical search data such as name and addresses, as well as providing invasive search results such as dating profiles, romantic interests, and satellite images of their most recent known residency.

Acxiom (Coming Soon)

Acxiom is a data broker selling your identifying information to businesses across the world. This is how you become targeted by ads regarding very specific businesses or products.

Instant People Finder

InstantPeopleFinder is a public record search website powered by Intelius focusing on highly sensitive information such as vehicle and license information, criminal and police records (including mugshots), and contact information.


One of the biggest people search sites, ThatsThem specializes in consumer email addresses and phone numbers. They are constantly updating their data which enables spammers and salespeople access to your most up to date information.


Addresses.com is a people search and public information search engine offering identifying information such as name and address for free. For more information they provide an option for a paid comprehensive background check powered by Intelius.

Family Tree Now

FamilyTreeNow is a genealogy focused search engine providing extensive family history to those who use their website. They have also partnered with PeopleFinders for their users looking for a comprehensive background check service.

Open Public Record

Open Public Records supplies free court records dating from 2014 to the present, with information including the names of the involved individuals, the court name, the court case number, the filling type, and the data filed.


IdentityPi is a comprehensive search site with access to your criminal records, background history, and personal data. Their search results are sponsored by BeenVerified, giving them highly accurate information.

People Lookup

Formerly independent, PeopleLookup has recently merged with another people search website we cover—USSearch. For more information on USSearch, please proceed to their information box on this page.

Free Phone Tracer

FreePhoneTracer is a people search site specializing in reverse phone lookups, meaning that their visitors can access your personal data as long as they have your phone number.

Easy Background Checks

EasyBackgroundChecks is a background check website with access to Intelius’ massive database, allowing them to provide accurate and up-to-date information on anyone searched on their website.

The Public Records

Formerly independent, ThePublicRecords has recently merged with USSearch, one of the several people search sites we cover. For more information on what USSearch provides, please refer to their informational box on this page.

How Your Online Data Can Harm You

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a serious problem in America, as more than 9 million Americans have their identities stolen every year. A major factor in this is the surplus of identifying data available on the internet, largely thanks to data brokers and people search sites sharing your information with anyone willing to spend money.

Spammers & Scammers

Some people may not know this, but most of the spam calls, texts, and emails you receive are caused by the sale of consumer information by data brokers. The people purchasing this data buy in bulk based on a target demographic, and although a lot of spam is relatively harmless, it is unarguably annoying to deal with.


With your personal data so readily available on the internet, stalkers have essentially all the information they need to harass you 24/7. with only your name, stalkers can use people search sites to get access to your address, phone number, and email address, and with slightly more effort they can easily find where you work or go to school.

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