InstantCheckMate Opt Out Guide (Updated 2022)

InstantCheckmate is a popular search site focusing on comprehensive background checks. These background checks provide records containing both personal and identifying information, as well as criminal and family history.

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Automated Opt Out of

Looking to avoid the tedious task of data optout? The simplest way to optout of Instant Checkmate is to subscribe to DataSeal’s monthly optout service, where we automatically opt you out of the most notorious data brokers and people search sites on the internet. Our service operates monthly, ensuring that your data stays removed even if these sites illegally upload your data after your initial opt out.

Manual Opt Out of

1.     Go to the Instant Checkmate opt out page:

2.     Enter your information in the boxes and search for yourself.

instantcheckmate optout search bar

3.     Find the record that contains your personal information. Note that there may be multiple people with your same name, so make sure you identify the correct record.

instantcheckmate record optout results

4.     Enter your email address and confirm you are not a robot via the Captcha, then click “SEND CONFIRMATION EMAIL”. You should receive a confirmation email, so make sure the email you give them is one you have access to.

submit your instantcheckmate optout request and get confirmation email

5.     Find the email from Instant Checkmate and click “Confirm Opt-Out”.

instantcheckmate opt out email confirmation

Frequently Asked Questions About InstantCheckmate

How does InstantCheckmate's optout process work?

InstantCheckmate has you search for yourself and locate the record you wish to remove. Once they confirm your optout request they will delete it from their record database.

How long does it take to remove my information from InstantCheckmate?

It should take you around 5-15 minutes to delete your information from InstantCheckmate.

Will my information ever be added back to InstantCheckmate after I optout?

Sadly, your information can still find itself on InstantCheckmate. To avoid this, we recommend monitoring your records on InstantCheckmate or subscribing to an automatic optout service.