NumLookup Opt Out Guide (Updated 2022)

NumLookup is one of the most popular phone number search sites on the web. Their information is fairly accurate, and they make sure to keep it up-to-date.

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Get Started

Removing your information from

1.     Go to NumLookup's About Us page.

numlookup about us page URL

2.      Scroll down until you find the "Phone Number Removal - Opt Out" section. You do not need to read this, simply click the "Information Opt Out" link at the end of the 2nd paragraph.

numlookup opt out information

3.     Enter your phone number and verify you're not a robot via the CAPTCHA, then click “Remove My Info".

entering your phone number for numlookup optout

4.     If you already have an account with NumLookup, follow the prompt to sign in. For those who do not have an account (which I assume is most people reading this), click the "Manual Review" option.

numlookup opt out request button

5.     Enter your information into the form below. The more up-to-date this information is the easier it will be for NumLookup to find and remove your record.

numlookup opt out form submission

You should get a message confirming your opt out request has been receiving. NumLookup data removal can take up to 45 days, so if you notice your data is still available on their website I recommend waiting before completing this process again.

Frequently Asked Questions About NumLookup

How long does it take to remove my information from NumLookup?

Removing your information from NumLookup should take you aruond 5-15 minutes.

When will my information be deleted from NumLookup?

NumLookup can take up to 1-2 months to remove your information from their website.

Will NumLookup be able to add my information to their website in the future?

It is possible that NumLookup could gain access to your information again, though it depends on how often they update their database and if they keep track of who has opted out.