USSearch Opt Out Guide (Updated 2022)

USSearch is a public record search site which provides criminal records, property records, identifying data (email, phone, address), and social media accounts.

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Removing Yourself from

Automated Opt Out of USSearch

Looking to avoid the tedious task of data optout? The simplest way to optout of USSearch is to subscribe to DataSeal’s monthly optout service, where we automatically opt you out of the most notorious data brokers and people search sites on the internet. Our service operates monthly, ensuring that your data stays removed even if these sites illegally upload your data after your initial opt out.

Manual Opt Out of USSearch

1.     Go to USSearch's optout page:

2.     Enter your information in the corresponding search boxes. Make sure you use an email that you have access to. Click continue when finished.

ussearch opt out initial form name and email

3.     Find the record that contains your personal information. There may be multiple people with your name, so make sure you choose the one that is specific to you. Once you’ve found your record click “REMOVE THIS RECORD”.

ussearch opt out record results page example david

4.     Once you have clicked to remove your record, you will be sent to a page telling you an email has been sent to the email address you provided earlier. Confirm that the email is correct before continuing.

ussearch opt out email confirmation sent dialogue box

5.     Go to your email and find the email from USSearch (it may also be from Onetrust) and confirm your optout request.

ussearch opt out confirmation email

6.     Once you confirm your request via email, you will be redirected to OneTrust affirming you optout request. After this, your optout should be completed.

Note: You may receive additional emails from OneTrust inquiring about your “privacy request”. If you want to make sure your request was processed correctly, you can follow the instructions provided in the emails and see your request in their privacy portal.

Frequently Asked Questions About USSearch

How long will it take to remove my information from USSearch?

It should take you 5-15 minutes to optout from USSearch.

When will my data be deleted from USSearch?

Your data should be removed from USSearch within the next 7 business days.

How does USSearch handle their optout process?

USSearch uses OneTrust to handle their optout process, therefore your request might take slightly longer to process.