Radaris Opt Out Guide (Updated 2022)

Radaris is a public record and people search site with comprehensive information from local, state and federal sources

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Manual Opt Out of Radaris.com

1.     First, head to Radaris.com and search your name in their database. To narrow down your search, I recommend including your city or zip code in the search, but this is not required.

radaris homepage search bar

2.     Find the record that contains your information and click “Full Profile”.

Example record on radaris.com

3.     Copy the page URL. It should look something like “radaris.com/~<firstname>-<lastname>/<numbers>”.

record url on radaris.com for, needed for opt out request

4.     Once you have copied the URL, go to radaris.com/control/privacy and follow the instructions given. You will receive a confirmation email, so make sure you have access to the email you give.

Radaris opt out form on website

5.     Finally, head to your email inbox and find the confirmation email from Radaris. It should ask you to confirm your record deletion request by clicking on a link. If the provided link does not give you the option to click it, simply copy and paste it into your browser to confirm you request.

Radaris optout confirmation email

Frequently Asked Questions About Radaris

How long will it take to remove my information from Radaris?

Radaris' optout process should take you 5-15 minutes.

When will my information be deleted from Radaris?

It should take Radaris 1-3 business days to remove your information from their website.

Can Radaris reupload my data to their website?

There is no guarantee that Radaris will not add your data back to their website.