Whitepages Opt Out Guide (Updated 2022)

With millions of people visiting their website every week, Whitepages is by far the biggest people search site in the industry. Removing yourself from Whitepages should be the first step in any DIY opt-out attempt.

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Manual Opt Out of whitepages.com

1.     Go to whitepages.com and find the record(s) that contain your personal information. To do this, simply search your name on their website. Keep in mind that you will need the URL from the record pages to process your optout request.

Whitepages homepage search bar

2.     Once you’ve searched yourself, find the records you believe are yours and click “View Details”. Make sure you don’t click the records that say “View Full Report” as this will not direct you to the correct page.

whitepages example record

3.     Verify that the information on this page is you and copy the page URL.

whitepages record URL

4.     Next, head to Whitepages optout page and paste the URL from the last step. Click "Next".

Paste you the URL you want to optout of whitpages

5.     Confirm the information and click "Remove Me".

confirming the record you want removed from whitepages

6.     Provide your reason for removing your data and click "Next" once you are done.

Reasoning for opting out of whitepages

7.     Enter your phone number and check the box. Then click "Call now to verify".

Enter your phone number for whitepages to opt you out

8.     You will then be sent to a page with a 4-digit confirmation code, and you will receive a phone call an automated phone call from Whitepages. Follow the instructions on the phone call by entering the 4-digit code into your phone's keypad during the call. You should then be told your opt out process is complete.

Frequently Asked Questions About Whitepages

Can Whitepages add my personal information back to their website after I optout?

It is possible that your information could find itself on Whitepages.com even after you optout. If you are concerned about this we recommend monitoring their website monthly or subscribing to an automatic optout service.

How long does it take to remove my information from Whitepages?

This optout process should take you around 10-20 minutes.

When will my information be removed from Whitepages.com?

Unless stated otherwise, your information should be removed from Whitepages in roughly 2-4 business days.